510 “B” Sedan Restoration

Update 2013: after languishing unfinished my my garage for several years I sold this car to a restoration specialist in Oregon. My marital status changing caused sale.

This is a selection of photos and the story of the restoration of my “B” Sedan survivor:

This is the day that I purchased the car, and we aired up the tires and rolled it out of  storage.  This selection of photos shows the documentation of the car as we found it and the beginning of the bodywork process.



The engine compartment, with 1600cc race motor, custom catch cans and a broken camshaft 😦


Current internal shot of the car with original switch box for running the car.


Dissasembly begins preping it for the body shop:


At the body shop we found some additional damage to the car once the paint was removed. All of this has been repaired properly and all new fiberglass has been installed:


Here is a photo of the car in a skim coat of bondo prior to being shot with primer and finish sanded.


Back from the body shop ready to go to the fabrication shop for some welding work to be done:



After a long hiatus we are gearing up to work on the 510 again. Last year we were side tracked by our incident at Coronado with the Roadster. This year we are able to focus a little more on the 510, and are looking forward to getting the car a little closer to being track worthy.

As it stands right now, some welding work needs to be done to the car so that it is safe on the track. We have been interviewing potential fabricators and have narrowed it down to two potential fabricators. We should be ready to make a decision in the next 3 weeks.

We elected to go with Time Machine Race Craft in Oceanside CA http://www.timemachineracecraft.com/ . Tho has done a masterful job, installing additions to the original cage, including new drivers side NASCAR style door bars, drivers seat mounting brackets, a continuation of the cage from the front down bars to the front strut towers, and additional reinforcement of the rear swaybar mounts. We Also completed welds around the existing bars that were not completed originally. I will include photos with our next update.

The next step is to prepare the bottom of the car, and complete the bodywork. I suspect that we will start that at the beginning of Summer.

Act II

In late 2013 I had to sell this 510 due to a divorce from my wife of 20 years. This car was purchased by Jim Froula and the restoration was completed!

From Jim Froula:





5 responses to “510 “B” Sedan Restoration

  1. Ron —
    How is your 510 progressing? Will we see you at the Mitty again this year?

  2. rcnetworksracing

    Hi Nestor, we won’t be back at the Mitty this year. We plan to head to Elkhart Lake in September this year for the Trans AM event there. Are you guys going to come out to that event?

    The 510 is going slowly, but it is going. We are building a new motor for the Roadster currently and then we will be focused back on the dime 🙂

  3. Ron —
    The TransAm would be great, but Elkhart Lake is too far for us at the moment. We wish we could make it.
    We’ve made improvements to our 510 in the power deparrtment and can’t wait for Sebring.

  4. rcnetworksracing

    Hi Nestor, glad to hear you guys are making good progress developing the car. I am only going because there are 5 other guys willing to split the cost of the transport.

    next year we want to make the Watkins Glen event, perhaps we will see you there?

  5. That would be great. We hope at some point to have the time to start venturing further from home.

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