67.5 Racing Roadster SRL #305





Phoenix International Raceway


Monteray-Historics-2015-1067a Will Laguna 2015

Photo by Will Campbell


1967 ½ Datsun 2000 Roadster

SRL 311 000305


This Racing Datsun Roadster is number 305 of 1000, two Liter 1967.5 Datsun’s manufactured. Of those 1000 there are only 75 documented 67.5 roadsters that exist today. Of those 75 or so only five of them are known to have documented historical racing provenance dating back to 1967 and this is one of those five.


2015Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.58.53 AM

Forwarded by Rob Beddington 1969 time frame, thought to be from Mid Ohio

I received this note a few months back from Dennis!

My name is Dennis Lester and I worked as Service Manager at NC. Edwards Motors in Jackson,Tn.where this car was purchased and I also raced this car at Jackson Dragway a few times.i CAN remember the day Gerry Mason purchased it. It is good to see that it still survives.

Gerry Mason had told me that this car was drag raced prior to his purchase of the car, but I did not know the details until I heard from Dennis…

Dennis thanks for your post and contacting us, we will update the history of the car accordingly!!

The original purchase of this car was arranged by Dick Roberts (of the Datsun Competition Department) in 1967, Gerry Mason Sr. purchased the car from Edwards Motors in Jackson Tenn. And then modified the car for SCCA racing and raced this car out of Indiana area. Gerry raced this car from 1967 to 1970 in C Production with some success, until he sold the car to Augie Englehardt in 1970. Augie raced this car out of the Pennsylvania area from 1970 to 1981 in D Production. In 1981 Augie parked the car and it languished for 10 years in storage. In 1991 the car was sold to Bruce Konsugar and Bruce converted the car back into a street car and painted the car red. This car was driven as a street car from 1994 to 2001, when it was sold to Bob Davis who converted it back to a race car. Bob rebuilt the car back to its former glory and took advantage of the existing red paint scheme and copied one of the famous Bob Sharp Racing roadsters that were actively campaigned in the 60’s and 70’s. Bob Davis sold the car to its current owner Ron Carter of Oceanside California in March of 2005 and this car now competes in Small bore production Vintage races with HSR West, HMSA & VARA.





The 2000cc (1986cc) Datsun U20 Motor has dual Solex 50mm carbs, ISKI Z-192 cam, Ross pistons, BRE Style header, Carillo rods, and ARP hardware, remote BRE oiling system, Accusump, and 12.5 to 1 compression. The live axle differential is a Nissan/ Datsun Detroit locker with 4.38/4.62/4.88/5.13 gears and panhard rod to keep it in place. The Transmission is an ultra-close five speed overdrive steel synchromesh roadster competition transmission.  The Suspension includes nismo springs front and rear, Koni shocks front and rear, 7/8″ front sway bar. The braking system is run through dual master cylinders with a bias control and proportioning valve for the rear brakes. Front rotors are slotted, KFP Gold pads in the front and Green stuff shoes in the rear with braided brake lines throughout. Panasport Racing lightweight wheels with Toyo 205-50-15 Radial tires. Instruments are Vintage Stewart Warner gauges and include oil temp, water temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure and EGT.  Fuel system is a Fuel Safe 10 gal tank mounted in the trunk, Fram canister fuel filter, electric fuel pump set at 3 3/4lbs. Lexan windshield. Halon fire system. Ultrashield racing seat and Impact Racing harness. All Fuel, Oil and brake lines are plumbed with AN hardware throughout.

Coronado 2010ishRC-Fontana07Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 5.39.43 PM

12 responses to “67.5 Racing Roadster SRL #305

  1. Way cool car with awesome history, I’d be scared to drive it!

  2. I want it back!!! I must have been nuts to let it go.

    • rcnetworksracing

      Hi Bob, great to hear from you! I hope you have had a great thanksgiving!

      It is flattering to hear you say that, as this car brings lots of joy! and is really great fun to race. Thank you for parting with her in the first place!


  3. Ron,
    Do you have a good picture of your engine compartment, and maybe some tips. I’ve bought a 1600 for my son, and we’re looking for ways to make it more reliable, while maintaining performance. It’ll be mainly street with some autocrossing (the pushrod motor was stroked out, so it’s got some kick). Thanks

  4. My name is Dennis Lester and I worked as Service Manager at
    NC. Edwards Motors in Jackson,Tn.where this car was purchased and I also raced this car at Jackson Dragway a few times.i CAN remember the day Gerry Mason purchased it. It is good to see that it still survives

  5. This car is beautiful! BTW. What is the coating used inside the lid?

    • I think you are asking about the coating under the hood, It is a rubberized coating like what is used in a the bed of a pickup truck.

  6. I just bought one today that was a former racecar with a wide body kit. I had rust which I expected but it’s pretty solid. Imma re do the suspension and patch the rust then put a 13b rotary engine peripheral ported in it. I got the shell for 700 dollars tho and he said it might be a 68 mabey I came across one of those 5 67.5s

  7. Hey Ron
    So glad i found your page on the web . Reading about #305 was a boost for my motivation in my quest in finishing a very long Datsun roadster restoration project .I have had cars SRL # 195 and # 225 in my garage for 30 years and just decided that now is the time to fulfill my dream to drive one again . Both are Solex Cars and i know it would be a blast to autocross them someday
    My cars are not registered on the Datsun Org site . Raising the number of
    documented 67 2000 from 75 to 77 would make me feel very proud
    Thanks so much for your story of # 305 . Is there any way to get a photo of your car to hang up in my garage to show me what i can have someday
    Jackson Rogers
    F.D.N.Y. retired on 9/11 from WTC

    • rcnetworksracing

      Jackson! Great to hear from you! I am really flattered. Thank you sir!

      I am sure we can work out a photo, it would be my pleasure! I saw your email in my inbox I will respond via email and include a few photos from Laguna Seca this year! look for an email from RCarter@rcnetworks.net.

      Best, Ron

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