For Sale

JCCS 2010

JCCS 2010 BRE 240Z at Motul Booth, photo by Alvin G.

I have elected to sell my BRE 240Z replica, this is a difficult decision, but it is time to do something new, and I have enjoyed this car for many years. Now it sits in a Museum in Riverside and I hardly ever get to see it, and I have not raced it. So it is time to sell the car. It is currently for sale for $75,000.00 Please feel free to contact me with any and all inquiries. I have build photos of the car and complete documentation of the car.


I have a 1970 2-door race car w/ SCCA and NASA logbooks. a. Price is – $3850. Thanks! SOLD!


Datsun 510 Manifold and Dual 40mm Delorto Carburetors $250 + shipping.   SOLD!

Datsun Roadster Solex Air cleaner with two new air cleaner elements $400.00:  SOLD!

Datsun Roadster H-190 Limited Slip Differential $700.00:   SOLD!