Racing 2008

Coronado 2008 2  

Coronado Festival of Speed 2008:


This was our second trip to Coronado, and we were excited to be back. We set up Friday and were ready to go. From the last race at California Speedway towards the end of the event our brakes were starting to go away, so we installed new KFP Gold Brake pads. These pads once they bed in are fantastic, but it does take time to get them to work well, and so starting out at Coronado I was very careful as these were new pads. Warm up on Friday went well, and Saturday Morning even better as the pads were starting to work better. Saturday afternoon was qualifying and we started in the 18th position.  I got a great start and passed 4 cars right off the bat. The roadster was hooking up well and the brakes were solid. I got past a white Elva on following lap when he went wide through a 180 degree turn on the back of the course. The Morgan in front of me was battling with a Porsche that was slow through the turns and fast down the straights. Eventually, the Morgan got the Porsche and I was now behind the Porsche, looking for an opening. Then I noticed that my brakes were starting to go away, so I slowed and the Elva and Green Morgan got back around me. I tried to give pursuit, but judged the exit for the chicane and caught the tire barrier at speed.

The damage was serious enough to end our weekend at Coronado.

Back at Classic Datsun we evaluated the damage and although it looks pretty serious in the photos I consider myself very fortunate. I was not injured, and the roadster had only minor exterior sheet metal damage. This little car has proven to be very rugged.


We damaged the driver’s side door, front fender, hood, front valance and air dam.


The oil cooler and idler arm for the steering were damaged as well.


A year Later, and a lot of work, and a substantial sum of $$$ We were back in action This shot was from the Japanese Classic Car Show 2009 sporting a new DATSUN decal on the front of the car:


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