Racing 2011

We are gearing up to open our racing Season at Laguna Seca in late April. After a successful run at Coronado we decided to build a new motor for the 2011 season. Mark DeGroff contacted me a few years ago regarding a race motor he had stored that belonged to another Roadster Racer who sold his car a few years back. A little negotiating later, this new motor will be the new powerplant for my Roadster.

Ouir new motor will feature 50MM Mikuni Carburetors, Isky camshaft, Carrillo Rods, Ross Pistons, Custom valves, springs and retainers, and an aluminum flywheel. All the work will be completed by Mark DeGroff, and RCNetworksRacing appreciates Mark’s efforts to build us a new motor. Mark will be porting our U20 head so that we can make the most of our new powerplant.

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