Racing 2012

Its been a tough year from a racing standpoint as we have had limited resources to race recently. That said, we were out at an event at California Speedway and due to numerous carburetor problems we only completed 5 laps at partial throttle.

However, we are gearing up for the Coronado Festival of Speed, and preparing the car now to run that event the weekend of September 22nd. We have high hopes with freshly sorted carburetors, and a healthy motor.

We will have photos and updates as we prepare to run the car on Coronado Island, with the Race on the Base!!

We dyno’d the car several times sorting out the carburetion, and were at Coronado, however in qualifying we had the #2 rod tighten up, and spun in turn #4 ending our weekend. No damage to the car but a hurt motor.

This has been subsequently repaired.

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